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Renovations, Remodels, Redesigns

JT Construction & Design will design your project, big or small!

 We specialize in concepts and design of all sizes for Home Remodel & Design in Bellingham! We can take your existing space and help you reconfigure it into something you have only dreamed about.  

JT has completed many full home remodels where only the bare minimum is saved from the existing structure.  If you already have a home, this may be a cost savings to building new and can still provide the end result similar to a custom home.

Smaller scopes of work to add or remodel portions of your home or property are available as well.  If you want the kitchen remodel of your dreams, the bathroom you have always hoped to relax in or the extra space you wish for, now is the time! 

We provide a free design consultation to get you started on whatever ideas you may have and are experienced with providing the most options to fit your budget.  We promise to be straightforward and always strive to exceed your expectations.  We are more than just a builder, JT can make your home improvement dreams into reality!

Custom designed renovations for any space or budget!